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With virtualization, you can take advantage of an existing computer to run two or more different systems, since each one works inside its own virtual machine. This way, you avoid the costs of new equipment and take advantage of available computer resources. Algardata installs virtualization services through Hyper-V and VMware software. Hyper-V allows you to manage a virtualized server computing environment. VMWare allows you to create environments for the installation of multiple systems.

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Advantages of Virtualization

Increased efficiency

Smarter and more effective use of existing infrastructure and 100% utilization of its capacity.

Centralized management

A centralized management of IT resources reduces the time needed to keep equipment running.

Faster Implementation

The installation of virtual servers is simpler than the installation of conventional servers.

Downtime reduction

Virtualization avoids data loss, unplanned downtime in the production environment, and reduced profits for institutions.

Cost reduction

It will not be necessary to purchase new servers and infrastructures to expand the company’s processing capacity.

Fast recovery from failures

Data backup and operations in external virtual machines that have not been affected by physical disasters.

Greater flexibility

Use of various systems and applications without the need for physical access to the machine on which they are hosted.

Greater security

Since each virtual machine works independently, a problem that arises in one will not affect the others.

Ease of migration and expansion

Changing the virtualization service can be accomplished quickly, as well as expanding the infrastructure.

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