“At the Benfica stadium, more precisely in the catering sector, the Unyktv solution has allowed us to create an ideal digital communication network, which allows us to update and disseminate in real time all the campaigns, promotions and discounts to our public”.
jjacintoJorge Jacinto, Head of the Department of Casas do Benfica

Casas do Benfica

Founded on 28 February 1904, S.L. Benfica is one of the great clubs in Portugal and one of the most prestigious in the world, with a significant increase in members and supporters every year.
The various Casas do Benfica have been created to bring members and supporters dispersed throughout the country and the world closer together.


  • Improve communication with members and supporters.
  • To inform and promote campaigns in the restoration spaces of the Houses of Benfica.
  • Need to inform organizations, workers, supporters and members around the world about club activities.


  • Optimisation of communication.
  • Improving the customer experience.
  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Increase of the productivity of the Houses of Benfica.
  • Personalized service.
  • Optimisation of information.
  • Online Service.

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