Technology that simplifies your company’s daily routine.

From fashion retail, to supermarkets, to duty free and specialized stores, the retail sector is very diverse, highly competitive, fast, and full of challenges.

It’s crucial for companies in the sector to stand out from the competition in terms of quality and product availability, management procedures and good customer service practices.

If your clients don’t find what they’re looking for, you may lose not only a sale, but a client. However, overstocking can compromise liquidity, flexibility, and responsiveness to market fluctuations.

A Retail Management Software allows you to manage everything quickly and easily, providing customized solutions to each company’s requirements, and enabling a fast and friendly service.

Stop losing deals to your competitors!

Algardata’s solutions allow your company to grow and boost your customers’ satisfaction levels.

A solution for the success of your business management!

We provide integrated solutions for the main areas of your business – sales, purchases, stocks, treasury and bank accounts. Have access to all the information you need to make faster and more informed decisions.

Sales registration process. Simple system, with no need for exhaustive user training.

Stock management. Alerts regarding minimum stock, merchandise management, and order planning support assistant.

More efficient administrative services. Electronic scheduling system for scheduling services to be provided to clients.

Efficient management. Maps, reports, and graphics to support the control of the company’s profitability, efficiency and solvency, adjustable to specific needs.

Quality service in retail trade.

No need to devote time and energy to operations that can be automated.

Our retail solutions make cash operations faster and more effective, planning and implementation of discount campaigns and promotions simpler, stock management and control easier, and staff management more immediate. The whole business is simplified.

Provide a unique service, with a solution that speeds up operations. Your clients will appreciate the speed and efficiency of your service and your business will achieve better results.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen solutions.
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux.
  • Access to continuous updates.
  • Tax Authority certified solutions.
  • Guarantees of permanent compliance with legal and fiscal obligations.

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