The introduction of technology in daily life has transformed not only people’s lives, but also those of companies, promoting profound changes.

Technology has many advantages that companies can employ to leverage their business. On the contrary, the delay in implementing technological solutions results in several challenges:

  • Fragmentation and lack of communication of their various organizations.
  • Delay in the digitalization process.
  • Low level of efficiency in the internal operation of the administrative machine.
  • Poorly accessible services and quality information.
  • Promoting effective public management, with measurable results.

In order to overcome these challenges, Algardata presents practical and innovative proposals to improve the management of public organizations, increase their productivity and improve service delivery. Some of the solutions include:

  • Management software ideal to respond to the specific requirements of the sector.
  • Solutions for centralized management of all business processes, in a single system.
  • Solutions to store data in the cloud and manage all documentation.
  • Digital communication software to create and manage content to be published on TVs.
  • Wi-Fi management appliances designed to manage and limit internet access.
  • iPortalDoc allows your company to store data in the cloud, ensure better communication within the organization and facilitate document search.

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