“We have significantly improved the control aspect, faster analysis. Today we have much more information than we had before. Regarding the partnership between Emprodalbe and Algardata, I think we are on the right track, we have the right partner, with structure, dynamic and active people”.
jdomingosJosé Domingos, Administrator, Emprodalbe


Founded in 1991, with the purpose of distributing in the Algarve the VMPS (Vidago Melgaço Pedras Salgadas) Product Range.

Emprodalbe is today a distributor of prestigious brands, operating in the Horeca and Food markets.

Always attentive to the evolution process of conditions imposed by the market, Emprodalbe, Lda identifies the needs of the various segments and offers advanced point-to-point distribution solutions.


  • Centralize the information in a single software.
  • Reduce information loss.
  • Improve stock management in real time.
  • Give more autonomy to street vendors.
  • Integration of a solution with the current ERP.


  • Reduction of errors.
  • Resource optimization.
  • Integrated solution adapted to the real needs of the company.
  • Possibility to register the customer’s order in the shop with PDA and inform the available stock.
  • Time reduction.

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