Optimize IT solutions

We provide IT consulting services, through the implementation of solutions that improve and simplify IT management. We also implement servers and communications services with the capacity to optimize productivity. We bet on the latest technologies as a structural basis of our service portfolio.

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These are some of the benefits you can get from our IT consulting services.

Continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring of your systems needs and early detection of what could become a problem.

Execution of tests to the backup system

The testing and simulation strategies for backups prevent any unforeseen events and data losses.

Problem analysis

A practical and focused approach to solving technical problems, allowing companies to avoid data loss and inactivity.

System operational maintenance

The main goal of system maintenance is to ensure an uninterrupted operation.

Scalable IT solutions

The audit of IT solutions is a useful tool to evaluate the conformity, quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of implemented IT solutions.

Increased performance

The consultancy promotes the increase of performance through the implementation of corrective actions.

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Ensure your company’s security.

Your business requires technology that reduces complexity, increases productivity, and keeps costs under control – while remaining safe from potential attacks.

Our team of experienced professionals is ready to analyze, design, and implement the security plans, processes, and activities your company needs to ensure the continuation of its operations.

Safe company?

Algardata is the answer to keeping your company safe. Our security consultancy includes unique solutions and advanced strategies to provide a quality service, essential to prevent and design a vulnerability plan for your company.

  • Security Audits.
  • Threat Assessment.
  • Analysis of security risks.
  • Emergency Planning and Management.
  • Recovery Plans.
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We have tools that help you to improve the management of your business by increasing operational efficiency and improving all management processes.