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Simplify operations.

Increase revenue.

Hotai is a strategic, flexible, feature-rich and cloud-based hotel model. It is the right hotel suite to increase your team’s productivity and maximize the guest experience. Find out more about the solution that can change your hotel’s productivity landscape.

Main features

Control all hotel expenses on one centralized management platform


Control all hotel expenses

We offer centralized management solutions that connect all hotel areas, from the BackOffice to the FrontOffice, with the potential to change the management and productivity paradigm in the hotel industry. We want all your hotel’s processes to flow in balance and in a continuous movement, from behind the curtain to the client.
Control all hotel expenses on one platform! From the daily purchase of the onion (Market List) to the planned acquisition of assets (Quote Requests). All employees use the same platform to record their purchase and expenditure processes.

Transform your hotel’s productivity paradigm

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