Ensure a measurable, solid, and effective digital positioning

Count on Algardata to build and plan your next Digital Marketing strategy. To do so, we analyze the market where your professional activity is inserted, evaluate your competition, as well as the business opportunities of your services and products.

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Typical consulting projects include a review and recommendations on:

Digital strategy development

A digital strategy is a comprehensive plan that covers the business, the goals, and the activities necessary to achieve them.

Online customer acquisition

Customer acquisition includes any method used to find new customers and encourage them to buy.

SEO Audit

A SEO audit allows companies to evaluate the level of optimization for search engines and technical optimization, in order to increase the brand’s reach.

Email marketing automation

Recommendations regarding the use of technology to automate e-mail sending processes, reducing manual work.

CRO for e-Commerce and other sites

CRO represents a set of statistically based techniques to improve the e-Commerce conversion rate.

Brand Enhancement

Analysis and definition of the value assigned to brands based on a survey of relevant data.

Social media and content marketing

An audit of social media and content marketing is a regular analysis of the company’s social media activity.

Customization of Google Analytics

Monitored Google Analytics data allows you to make the right decisions that lead to the growth of online initiatives.

Google AdWords

Correctly setting up the conversion tracking tag is essential to track campaigns.


Take your Digital Marketing to the next level

We implement fast results to increase customer acquisition, leads, and sales. We create integrated Digital Marketing plans so that you can establish your presence online, in a well-structured and solid way. With measurement reports, you can check results and understand how the execution of this plan impacts your company.

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