7 UX Design trends for the next years   

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The digital market is constantly growing, with the launch of new products, services, and applications that aim to meet the demands of increasingly connected consumers.

Gone are the days when designers were only concerned with the visuals. Today, design has evolved in countless ways, and one of them is the emergence of UX Design. The term “User Experience” is becoming more and more trendy, as is the career of the user experience designer, who creates and designs experiences of value.

UX Design trends for the coming years show that professionals and companies in the sector need to prepare for transformations, both at the technological level and in terms of the analyzed audience’s behaviors. With this article, we will try to learn a little more about this fast-growing market, following the latest advances and trends in UX Design.

First, it’s worth remembering what UX Design is, a relevant area among the major market players, and especially for startups, which regularly hire digital professionals.

What is UX Design?  

Today we live in an experience economy, in which people have developed, from countless experiences with companies and products, a greater critical sense of what they use and consume. Nowadays, consumers are looking for services and products that meet their real needs while they are also attractive and engaging. 

UX Design is the area dedicated to creating products and services that offer a harmonious relationship with the user, from the look and feel to the functionality of an application, site, e-commerce, among other digital solutions. UX trends for the coming years will further refine the techniques needed to make sure that the user experience is always as satisfying as possible.   

All products and services can have UX Design concepts, and this influences the purchase decision, but also the quality of the customer’s interaction with the brand, even increasing the chances of recommendation and loyalty. 

Discover what are the top 7 UX Design trends for the coming years. 

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With the possibilities of segmentation, it’s now possible to customize experiences and campaigns for audiences and profiles that are different from each other. Thus, UX designers must know each target audience, conduct segmented research, and deliver an excellent user experience.    

A good example is to use the immense amount of data that is collected daily, transforming it into personalized recommendations, always respecting data protection regulations. This can be done by using as inspiration models based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to recommend content and options closer to each person’s preferences.   

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“Less is more” is probably the best-known slogan of the minimalist movement. Design professionals point to the importance of minimalist solutions among UX trends. The ideal is to reduce visual elements as much as possible to be enjoyable for the end user, without being bombarded by icons, message boxes and information.   

Minimalist UX Design aims to simplify people’s lives with its new solutions in digital products and services. To create a minimalist design, professionals can focus on excluding unnecessary pop-ups and reducing unnecessary information. 

Well executed minimalism creates a positive emotional experience, reduces information overload, and users tend to respond better to interfaces. To this end, the recommendation is to use tools that optimize people’s time and make apps and digital products faster and more accurate, with the use of contextualized features and standardized systems that adapt to the user. 

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)  

Artificial intelligence is the keyword. Today, many companies have already developed design tools integrated with artificial intelligence to create attractive sites. Some AI-powered web design platforms, for example are Adobe, Wix, and Firedrop. All these platforms are working on the principles of artificial intelligence design.  

The most important web design concept is user experience. To effectively execute UX trends for the near future, it’s recommended that designers are aware of the integration of Artificial Intelligence into design projects. In UX trends, this feature will be used to provide an increasingly personalized experience for customers.   

With the help of AI, you can create customer-focused sites. A popular example of AI integration into sites is that of Amazon. Through AI, the site shows a list of possible products that customers may need. The more the user uses the digital product/service and provides their data, the greater the possibility of personalization with AI. Netflix and Spotify are two excellent references.   

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Mobile-First Design

UX trends point to responsive and mobile-friendly sites that adapt to mobile devices. Google itself has announced algorithm updates that favor platforms that adapt to mobile devices.  

In the coming years, it’s estimated that more than 95% of searches will be performed by users on smartphones. This means that UX designers must focus on mobile-first, developing solutions designed for mobile devices. In practice, professionals should acquire skills when it comes to UX Design for apps and mobile, in order to offer more responsive, attractive and feature-rich interfaces. 

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Illustrations have been gaining more and more popularity in web design in recent years. Although they are not new, they should grow as a trend, for example, in onboarding design. This is because many users may not be attracted by reading screens, and that’s where animations come in, filling those spaces and bringing information in a fast, assertive and personalized way.  

Illustrations allow Web designers to use their imagination and bring creativity to their creations. Offering countless stylistic possibilities, these images make it possible to create a deeper connection with the user. They can be used as the central element of a site, or as decorative background elements. 

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Animated backgrounds  

Video elements used to be a concern as they were slow to load and consumed limited mobile data, however stronger hardware and feature images mean that videos can now be used anywhere.  Video content has invaded our screens and is increasingly embedded in the background of sites.   

Today, video is no longer used just to entertain the user or diversify a site’s content, but its purpose is to provide visually relevant information to users who prefer visual content, rather than written. 

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These are the small details that often go unnoticed and can generally contribute significantly to the user experience. One of the UX trends is microinteractions, which pass on a sense of a much more real user experience. For example, one microinteraction is when you are registering, and when you type in your password, you notice that a text field is constantly updated to represent the security level of your password.  

By typing, the user starts the microinteraction, which in turn continues as long as there is new data input, modifying what is being displayed accordingly. To integrate this technology, you can, for example, create various elements in the user’s menu such as home screens, visual cues, guides, icons, and buttons with movement. In fact, movement is essential to apply this design trend.   

These are some of the main UX Design trends for the next few years. UX Design has the potential to improve the user experience, but before making any decision on what UX Design solutions to adopt, know your audience well and offer what best optimizes their journey.