6 reasons to invest in digital signage

Is your company already investing in digital signage? Visual attraction is a factor that greatly influences consumers’ buying decision. Digital signage does not stop growing, and so we show below 6 reasons to invest in this technology for your business.

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1- Attracts customers’ attention

63% of people say that digital signage screens attract their attention

A study by Rich Media Technologies shows that 63% of people say that, digital signage ads attract their attention. How can you ignore such a large percentage of the population? This share is larger than the audience of any traditional channel, such as broadcast television, radio, and newspapers.

2- Reinforces your brand branding

84% of UK retailers believe that digital signage screens are the most effective way to reinforce their brands

Digital signage can take on the “face” of a company. That’s why 84% of UK retailers believe that an immersive experience with digital signage screens inside their stores is an effective way of branding, or reinforcing their brands, according to data from Samsung. With dynamic programming that intensifies your company’s messages, a much more effective communication with the customer is built.

3- Consumers prefer stores with screens

42% of people who consume digital signage prefer to shop in stores with screens

It is undeniable, the immersion with the brand is much greater in establishments that use screens to communicate with their customers. That’s why a survey by VCA Global pointed out that 42% of people who declare themselves as consumers of video on retailer screens choose to shop in places that use digital signage at the point of sale when they have a choice, preferring establishments that have the same product but do not use the tool.

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4- Digital menus are more interactive

Approximately 30% of restaurant customers feel influenced by digital menus

This is a good tip for restaurants, especially those serving fast food. In a study by Eclipse Media, 29.5% of customers said they are influenced by screens that show the menu over traditional printed, static ones. This is an efficient way to show promotions in real time, sell novelties and combos.

5- Strengthens the consumer’s decision

More than 60% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale

Advisium’s research indicates that 60% of the purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. Therefore, it is important that the retailer invests in an attractive way to display products. With one or more digital signage screens at the POS, you can, for example, compare similar products or announce new products.

6 motivos para investir em digital signage 2

6- Increase in final sales volume

Point of sale advertising can increase final sales volume by 30%.

Want another reason to install a network of digital signage screens in your establishment? Screens scattered throughout the store help with shopping, showing products that interest the customer and decreasing the perception of waiting in lines. With this, the company can gain up to 31.8% increase in sales volume, according to data from InfoTrends.

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How to implement digital signage?

The most practical way to implement digital signage in your establishment is through turnkey solutions, where with a license you have access to a range of benefits such as:

  • Video, image or text content.
  • Playlists of content scheduled for each moment.
  • Offline operation to avoid TVs being turned off.
  • BackOffice in the cloud, to control all devices, in any location, from any equipment.
  • Share different contents on each TV, or create groups of TVs. All from a single BackOffice.

With UnykTv you can have access to these and many other benefits to have a complete modern and dynamic digital signage solution in your establishment.

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