5 advantages of having a logistics software in 2022

1. Information to facilitate planning

The first great advantage of a logistics software is the facility to perform planning.
You probably already have a strategic plan with actions and goals for the short, medium and long term. Periodically you need to evaluate whether the actions are working and adjust course when necessary.
Let's say you need to know how much you have spent on fuel in the last six months. To gather all this information manually, how much paperwork and man-hours would it take?
With a logistics software, in a few clicks, the information is available, and you can have access to customized reports and graphs, for faster and more accurate decision making.
This information can be fundamental to negotiate better prices with suppliers or more advantageous conditions.
Other relevant information that can be found with a logistics software that assists in planning are: stock movement, operational costs, expenses, and personnel productivity.

2. Process Optimization

Do you know what makes companies slow and uncompetitive? Too many bureaucratic processes. This is one of the main barriers in increasing the productivity of companies, which suffer from excessive bureaucracy.
If the intention is to increase productivity and eliminate a series of inefficient and repetitive tasks, a logistics software is the solution!
It will automate several tasks, eliminates the need to fill out repeated information, excludes unnecessary steps, and even includes advanced search that finds everything quickly.
After setting up a few rules, you can automate the generation of orders, whenever a product reaches a certain level. It can also be used to transmit the stock information of a given product to your salesperson, ensuring order closure.
Another process that can be optimized is the layout of the products in the warehouse. It can identify the high-turnover items and position them closer to the outflow, reducing the route and increasing productivity.

3. Better control of the operations

Can you imagine if all your company's processes were managed with spreadsheets or paper. You would be more susceptible to errors, data loss and difficulty in control.
With a logistics software, many fields can use data validation, considerably reducing the chances of error. For example, if when receiving a product a quantity higher than allowed is typed in, the system will issue a warning, alerting the operator, who will have to check if he made a mistake when typing or if the product is misregistered.
Another benefit is access to information. Many systems are cloud, and can be accessed anywhere, often on multiple devices, as long as there is internet access.
Control also comes through real-time access. How many vehicles have been received so far? How many have been shipped? How many are in transit? How many are awaiting unloading?
With the traditional system, many hours are wasted chasing this information.

4. Effective communication

Logistics, more than any other area, demands speed in communication. There is a whole chain involved, production, sales, suppliers and clients, each with countless dependent processes.
Logistics software makes it possible to create various automatic alerts and dispatches, ensuring that all stakeholders in the processes are alerted to status changes or relevant information.
You can inform responsible parties via e-mail of the delivery status. When the invoice is issued, when the vehicle leaves the distribution center, when it reaches the customer, and when it is unloaded.
It can also be informed when a product is nearing expiration, or when stock levels are very low.

5. Reduce costs

With a well-planned operation, you are more likely to anticipate problems and create alternatives.
The system also allows you to make processes lean and eliminate errors that generate repetitive work and waste, such as expired or lost products.
Cost reduction also occurs through increased productivity. Processes, such as filling out spreadsheets, e-mails to report vehicle status or stock position, are no longer necessary.
Employees can focus on more value-added activities, improve the quality of service, and eliminate overtime.

The accuracy achieved in the processes also reduces receiving and delivery errors, reducing costs with returned goods and undelivered orders.

After reading the article you can see how a logistics software is fundamental to elevate your company's operation. Plan better and with better information, optimize processes, have greater control of operations, communicate effectively, and significantly reduce expenses.

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